An Officer Finds A Family Sleeping In A Car, But Then Does Something Amazing

Robert Wood, his pregnant wife, and their two kids were moving back from Alaska to Eugene, Oregon. Unable to find a home yet and not wanting to burn through their savings, they decided to spend the night in their car at Alton Baker Park.

When a police officer named David Natt knocked on their window, they expected nothing but hostility. The former-marine-vet-turned-cop said the park closed at 11pm and that they couldn’t stay there.

But that’s when the lieutenant did something completely unexpected:

Instead of giving them a ticket, he asked if they would like a place to spend the night. The officer knew he couldn’t let the family stay in their car when the temperature was dropping.

Thanks to him and the University Fellowship Church, the Woods were able to get two nights’ stay at a local hotel.

The soon-to-be father of three is forever grateful:

“He took away the shame and let me know that he’s just a person, I’m just a person and things like this happen. It was moving.”


Wood wrote about the Good Samaritan’s deeds on Facebook. The post went viral, and the police officer started getting words of appreciation from all over the world.

Natt said he was just happy to help a fellow veteran. During their conversation, he found out that they had both served in the same Marine Corps ten years apart.

“A little bit of time is so valuable, and it’s so meaningful to them,” Natt said.

Wood and his family have now found a place to call home. He said that if the baby is a boy, he would name him “David” after the officer.

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