Meet Nala, The Teacup Poodle Who Does God’s Work

Nala is a teacup poodle who spends her days in Lyngblomsten, a care home in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her owner, Doug Dawson, is a medical assistant.

While Dawnson dispenses medicine during his rounds, Nala does something else: she brings happiness to the care home residents with her adorable presence.

The nursing home residents barely receive any visitors. But with Nala around, they’re guaranteed a companion when they need it the most.

Nala, just like her owner, starts her day early — long before the sun rises. She does her “rounds” alone, not needing any human to guide her. She rides the elevator by herself and scurries down the hallways, seeking out the people who are most in need of company.

“She’s here for a purpose. She really is doing God’s work,” remarked her owner.

Kare 11

Nala is living proof that the Almighty never abandons us. We can always count on His grace to keep us company when we feel alone.

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