Inspiring Photos of Little Princesses Fighting Cancer — And Winning

Rylie, Rheann, and Ainsley had never met each other before but they had something in common: cancer.

Scantling Photography

Despite being strangers to each other, the three girls quickly became friends when they were brought together in a cancer awareness campaign. The session was initiated by Bethany Scantling of Scantling Photography, who raises funds and awareness by taking inspiring portraits of kids with childhood cancer.

The girls found that they shared something more powerful than cancer — a special bond that helped them keep each other strong.

Scantling Photography

The initial photo shoot was done in April 2014. Since then, the girls have met several times to continue to raise cancer awareness. They have become close friends and together have bravely fought the life-altering condition. As of July last year, all three girls have been in remission.

Scantling Photography

This week is special for Rheann as she celebrates her seventh birthday. She continues to spread awareness and inspiration through her Facebook page.

To thank the photographer who brought them together, Rheann gave her a pendant that says “Fight Like a Princess.” The back is inscribed with “Keep Praying.”


All three girls were able to overcome cancer because they fought like princesses. Cancer may be an uphill battle, but with friends by one’s side, overcoming it is that much easier.

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