Homeless Dog Living In Trash Pile Gets Rescued. This Beautiful Video Will Make You Cry.

Non-profit animal rescue organization, Hope For Paws, heard about a very sick dog called Miley who had been living in a trash pile for months. By the time they got to her, Miley was riddled with mange and near-death due to starvation. After being taken in and cared for by the kind people who rescued her, Miley met Frankie, a chihuahua who also suffered a similar fate. The two developed an unlikely bond and became each other’s best friend.

After their story went viral, both furry babies received hundreds of offers for adoption. They are currently happy, healthy, and living the good life.


Miley and Frankie may have finally found loving homes, but Hope for Paws valiantly continues to help more like them. A small donation can go a long way into saving more Mileys and Frankies in need of rescue. You can help Hope for Paws by being a one-time donor or a recurring donor and make a big difference in an animal’s life.

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