This Guy Left Wall Street To Open A ‘Pay It Forward’ Pizza Shop. It Now Feeds 40 Homeless A Day.

Meet Mason Wartman

Mason left his job at Wall Street as an equity researcher to start up Rosa’s Fresh Pizza — a pizza business named after his mother — in Philadelphia.

Mason sells a slice of pizza for $1 in his restaurant

His customer’s can pay it forward by buying a slice for someone else

Every time someone pays it forward, Mason places a ‘post-it’ on the wall


Whenever someone hungry comes in – they can just grab a post it off the wall to pay for their meal.

Mason says the idea came to him after one customer wanted to buy a slice for someone in need. After just a few months in business, the store has now transformed into a ‘pay it forward’ sensation. His restaurant now feeds around 40 homeless people a day.

This man is a true inspiration. As one very thankful person wrote, “God bless you. Because of you I ate off this plate, the only thing I ate all day.”

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