Grieving Mother Sells Her Still-Born’s Crib To Close An Open Wound. But What The Buyer Did Is Truly Heart-Warming.

Valerie Watts of Cokato, Minnesota gave birth to a still-born. The whole nine months of joyful anticipation quickly became the most heart-wrenching moment of her life. She suffered a grief only a loving mother can understand.

To ease her sadness, Watts decided to let go of her baby’s belongings at a yard sale. That’s when she met a craftsman named Gerald Kumpula and his wife — who took an interest in the baby crib.

Watts shared her story, prompting the couple to do something incredibly beautiful.

It may take a while for Watts to get over her grief. But thanks to good people like Gerald Kumpula, the anguish becomes more bearable.

“There’s good people out there. There’s proof,” Watts said.

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