Couple Tell World They “Can’t Stop Having Babies” In This Hilarious Miley Cyrus Parody

Andrea Chapman and her husband, Chad, were thrilled about the impending arrival of their fourth baby. But not everyone else shared their excitement.

When the couple was first pregnant with their twin girls, “people were over the moon excited for us.” On their second pregnancy — a baby boy — their friends were ecstatic that they now had kids of both genders. But on their fourth announcement, the reactions were starkly different.

“Nobody was excited,” Andrea said.

The Chapman’s response? To remind everyone of one thing: “It’s our family, we can do what we want.”

Check out their hilarious video below:

The response to their viral video has been positive thus far, with the majority of their support coming from other “large” families. The Chapmans have made the song available for download.

Judging by the video, it looks as if this family of three girls and three boys is going to have great times ahead.

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