A Century Of Love: 101-Year-Old Holds Her Great Granddaughter Before Passing Away

Only a few things can compare to the unique love between a grandmother and granddaughter. This photo of 101-year-old Rosa Camfield and her 2-week old great granddaughter, Kayle, perfectly captures the special bond that traverses generations.

This photo shows Camfield holding her great granddaughter. They were born 101 years apart. Camfield passed away a week after this picture was taken.

God Updates

This beautifully heart-warming portrait was originally posted by Camfield’s granddaughter, Sarah Hamm, who is the mother of the baby in the photo. It reached nearly 3 million “likes” since it was posted on Facebook.

Camfield’s life was as beautiful as it was long.

Daily Mail

She was born in a fruit farm in Michigan, spent her youth through the tumultuous Great Depression, and went through a divorce in the 1950s.

The war and economic conditions of her youth prevented the centenarian from finishing her degree when she was younger. But with iron determination, she went back to college in her 40s while raising her children. After getting her degree, Camfield devoted her professional career to teaching children.

She lived a long and fullfilled life. And thanks to this photo, she will be remembered by many for years to come.

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