This 12-Year Old Rejected Abortion After Rape — 23 Years Later She Does Not Regret A Single Day

Lianna was just 12 years old when two men abducted and brutally raped her.

“I honestly thought they were going to kill me,” she recalls.

The trauma pushed her to attempt suicide. She landed at a hospital where a doctor told her the last thing a rape victim wanted to hear: she was pregnant.

The doctor encouraged Lianna to have an abortion as it was her right to do so as a rape victim. Keeping the baby would only remind her of the attack.

But the young girl asked the doctor a riveting question: Would the abortion ease her pain and make her forget about the rape? The doctor said “no.”

“I didn’t think about the rapist. I thought about my baby.”

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An abortion wouldn’t fix anything so she didn’t see the point of doing it. Upon giving birth to her daughter, she realized she did the right thing:

“When I heard my baby’s heartbeat, I realized I wasn’t going to be alone anymore.”

Now 35 years of age, she does not regret a single day after the decision to keep her baby. She says she’s always grateful for her daughter, the only person who has shown her real love.

Lianna currently works as a pro-life speaker who helps pregnant women that have been victims of rape. She wants to spread the message that every life is worth keeping and loving.

It was not an easy choice but she is glad to have made it. Lianna recalls one time when her daughter, at the age of four, said to her:

“Mommy, thank you for keeping me, for not giving me away, for giving me life.”

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The baby is the only good that came out of the experience, she says. Her daughter transformed her life and led her to the right direction — that of spreading light to those who have suffered similar experience.

Liana realized she didn’t save her daughter’s life — her daughter saved hers.

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Lianna continues to spread the word against abortion as a speaker for non-profit organization “Loving Life.”

Every baby’s life has a purpose that is yet to be known. She wants rape victims to hold on to their babies’ lives — as well as their own.

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